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Blog #1 - Beginning of The End

Pastor’s Blog #1: Beginning of The End

Well, I’ve held off as long as I can. For some time I have known I need to address some things that are occurring in our cities, our states, the nation, the world, and the Church. Let me warn you, I am not politically correct. A pastor friend of mine had a statement on a marquee in the entrance of his church which stated, “We preach the truth no matter who it hurts“. Well, I’m not out to hurt anyone but if the truth hurts, then, so be it. Medicine doesn’t always go down so good but we are thankful for what it does in our bodies. I recently learned to give myself a B12 shot. Don't like the needle but like the results. Also, I am a pastor and pastors have no business being politically correct. We have let political correctness run amuck and its time to stop it and shut it down. It probably is too late but the truth is the truth. Also, when I say we, I mean the church. We are the ones God gave his authority to and we were told to occupy till he comes. The Body of Christ will have to answer for the things that we have allowed. So, let me make this clear, I will never apologize for the truth. The truth I will speak will have its basis in the WORD of GOD. I will be clear, you will have no problem understanding where I am coming from, where I get my authority from, or what I mean. Fair enough, you have been warned.

First off, let me share a vision I received from the Lord in early 2008. You know there was a presidential election that year and unbeknown to most of the public, it would set the scene for “the beginning of the end“, for the coming of the antichrist, and it has allowed us to get a preview of what it will be like in the great tribulation. The spirit of lawlessness would be unleashed like never before because of the vote of the people and the church. Its sad but most Christians don’t listen to the Lord or receive their direction from him. That's one reason why they have all the same problems as the world. This election would come down to 2 candidates but I knew by the Spirit that one of them would not even have a prayer of being elected. It was as clear as the nose on my face. He and his running mate were doomed to failure even though I personally voted for them. It was a waste of time and money although it did leave a testimony of the condition and ungodliness of this country.

In the vision, I was asked to attend a new church. I didn’t want to go but the one who invited me was a good christian and insisted. They sent a limousine to pick me up and I attended a meeting that I knew was false religion. I told my friend that and asked him why he had invited me but he had been caught up in it. I asked him how he could get so caught up in this false religion when he knew the truth. He didn’t reply. Who was the driver of the limousine? The next president. That’s the one who will be dictating or driving all the changes which are coming.

The vision had 2 parts but I will save the second part for a later blog. I awoke and forgot about the vision and prepared myself for our Sunday a.m. service. During song service the Lord reminded me of the vision and I arose to go to the pulpit. As I walked to the pulpit I heard the voice of the Lord say, “I am going to give them what they want but they are going to regret it. “ I knew the Lord showed me this to share with the people. I did and you can imagine the response. I lost many people from the church. I warned the people. Some were very angry with me. You can’t get angry with God so you get angry with his mouthpiece. Did I miss God, absolutely not!

The sad thing is that it has come to pass for many. Secretly, some are now regretting their vote. That is one of the few rights we have left us. I told the people to vote God and they voted their flesh and feelings and called me names. If the church had listened to God, we would not be having so many problems we are having right now. Did I get persecution? Yes, I got it! I rejoice in it! So be it! By the way, I still love them very much in case you want to know.

Enough for today. See you next time.


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