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Blog #4 - One New Man Part 2

Pastor’s Blog # 4

One New Man (pt. 2)

To fully understand this blog you will have to read the previous one. Our purpose for this is to share how spiritual error creeps into the church among good meaning believers. This blog is about a letter I received from one of my members at our church requesting a transfer of membership to another church. Please understand, this lady is a great lady and a wonderful Christian! But, she must be corrected because this is very serious with God. This error takes us out of the New Testament teachings and leads us back into the law. Now, let’s go to part 2 of the letter.

Sister, how can you with all your studying be so led astray. Is it their rituals, their dancing, blowing the shofar, Sabbaths, new moons, or what? Have you converted to Judaism? The Apostle Paul said, “I am afraid you, lest I have bestowed upon you labor in vain.” Do you now – a Christian – feel that you will be perfected by Jewish traditions? I feel I must travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you. Why turn to something Jesus came to destroy? Why seek perfection from types and shadows? This will only lead to bondage and the law. (Gal. 4:8-11)

This is the same reason the Apostle Paul openly rebuked Peter at the church in Galatia. He wanted to hold on to his Judaism but have a little Christ on the side. Paul said to him, “For if I build again the things which I destroyed, I make myself a transgressor.” The Galatian church were not Jews but former Gentiles who had become believers. They were never under the law. Do you even know what a “Messianic” Jew is? A Messianic Jew is a Hebrew who now believes that Jesus is the one prophesied from Moses onward, who has come to redeem him. So now it has become a movement. Messianic synagogues or congregations exist where the majority are Gentiles practicing some form of modern day Christianity. They preach Jewishness, talk Yeshua, sell Yeshua, speak of the love of the Jewish people, and the nation of Israel. Most are made up of non-Jews and run by non-Jews. They like to blow their shofar, have their ritualistic dancing, run around with their ribbons, sing Jewish songs, observe their new moons, Sabbaths, feast days, while they are learning the “Jewish roots” of their faith. It’s all flesh. Does all this I’m saying, make me anti-Semitic? Of course not.

I’m all for Jewish outreach. We have a Hispanic outreach. They meet on Thursday evening. We endeavor to get them saved and then bring them in to the main service of the week to assimilate. But, we teach them that anything that divides the body of Christ is the “spirit of error”. Jesus told me how this is supposed to work. They understand and like it. We bring them into the Sunday morning service where we are all one and try and teach them New Testament principles. But we are not starting a Hispanic church. That would be error. So, to separate and start a Messianic Church would be error, also. Why would you want to learn about what Jesus came to destroy. Do you call yourself a “Messianic Christian” now or are you a “Messianic Jew”? Do Messianic “churches” have another gospel than we do? Of course not! Well, what makes them so special? They are Christians just like us, our brothers and sisters in the same body, with us! There are all “one” with us. All this stuff may feel good to your flesh but it is “anti-new testament”. There is no way of justifying it. The church today is made up of many who were of a former nationality, but not now. The scripture teaches us there is “neither Jew nor Gentile” in the body of Christ. All this is an insult to the purpose of Christ. Why did he come? One main reason was to make “One new man!”

Sister, you have walked out of the will of God. You were part of the church, had a Pastor, a spiritual father, even though you did not participate (like so many today). When you stand before Jesus, I will not be asking these questions, or the Apostle Paul, but Christ himself. Why are people so gullible today? Why can’t we just stay with the New Testament? Why is it called “NEW”? I hope you will listen to me but I have my doubts. Just leave it up to Christians to come up with one new fad after another. And that is exactly what all this is, a FAD!

Please read the book of Galatians in the King James and then from the message translation. It will probably be my last request. “You were doing well, who hath hindered you”, Paul asked. You were walking in the right path but now you are off several degrees. Where will you be at your destination? A fleshy sin I can deal with, but this, it defies our core beliefs. You may pass this off as insignificant but believe me it is not with Jesus. Paul used strong language in his rebuke to the Galatian Christians. The bible says believers were called Christians not Messianic Christians. I speak as a father and as a warning. Get puffed up if you want to. It’s the truth. I have heard from the Lord. There is a way that seemeth right to a man, but that doesn’t change His Word. His Word never changes even though dispensations do.

In all love,

Your former Spiritual Father,

Pastor Jim

Well, do you think this response email that I sent is much to do about nothing or can you see how people are being carried away with strange doctrines. If you believe the former then I must respectfully disagree. It is sad that the more time goes by the more we want to water down the word. After a while, we may find that the only thing left is just that – water.

Till next time,


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