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Blog #10 - Post Conquer Series Announcement


We have been talking about this for some time now and have received the video series. After reviewing the introduction and watching the first segment of the 5 part series – All I can say is –


“Out with the old and in with the new”! An old adage but true here. The old way is to repent over and over and make promises to God to never get caught up in it again has been proven not to work. Don’t get me wrong – I believe in repentance. But repentance means to turn and go in another direction. I know we mean it but all too often end up in the same situation again and again and again. I ask my people at times “how many have committed a sin”. They are honest and raise their hands. I then ask, “How many have committed the same sin again, and again. Answer is always the same.

Men – this series - #1 Nails the problem #2 Tells us wherein the problem lies #3 How to defeat it scripturally, spiritually, and properly. It is straightforward, hard hitting, informative, well put together, but not condemning or condescending. And, it will be discreetly handled. Men only and men, let me say – We need it!

Because of the strength of this series, we have made another change. Starting Saturday, March 4, 2017 at 10:00 am and continuing the next 4 Saturdays, we will be presenting the “CONQUER SERIES”. Each session is about an hour in length with refreshments included. You can look at about 2 hours each Sat. morning for 5 weeks. You will see yourself freed from any Sexual Impurity. Every man is generally challenged in this area or knows someone who is and needs help. From late teens to 85, it makes no difference. As you attend you may sense the need to share it with your men’s group or church. Also, there is no cost. Absolutely free to the public.

For more information please call 919-846-0470 or email us at We need you to contact us and register and let us know how many you will be bringing.

Until then,

Pastor Jim Whitfield

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